Car Sickness and a Strawberry Shake

On a family trip to the mountains of  North Carolina, I strongly urged an outing that was an hour and a half away from our lovely campground in Maggie Valley in order to resolve two cravings. The first, a repeat of an exhilirating thrill ride. The second the serious need for a slurp.

The thrill seeker in me was satisfied by our trip down Sliding Rock, a water slide that most children of the new millenium could never imagine. A natural rock slide in Pisgah Forest, Sliding Rock, welcomes the not so sure footed to slip and slide down into frigid cold puddle of a mountain stream.

Thrilling as the experience was, it held nothing on my anticipation for the treat at the other end of a small tourist town called Brevard, NC. There would await my all time favortie milk shake, the Cardinal Drive In Strawberry, size large! Here’s why it has been dubbed, Stupid Good. The chunks of strawberry are so large they lodge themselves in the bottom of the straw forcing you to remove the top, suck them free, lick the straw clean of the clinging shake, and return to normal slurpdom. The the lovely richness of this shake, has been worth the drive, every time.

The drive through winding mountain roads was no simple experience given the large family mobile we were piled into and my propensity to get car sick. But, it was worth every nauseous moment, to slurp the sweetness again. Hail to you Cardinal.



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