Spicy Tuna Roll – Stix, Hoover, Ala.

This roll is so divinely yum that I hired a sitter, rearranged my plans, and completely blew off the 30 things I should have been taking care of at home, just to satifsy the craving. I had been denied the stupid goodness of most all sushi for nine months while pregnant. The instant that I realized that I could have a free moment sans two of my three kids, my mouth began to water for some spicy tuna.

I also like Surin’s version, but there is something about the Stix roll that lingers on your taste buds. It seems the bursts of flavor compound as you crunch each piece. So, if you know of a dish that will make me abandon my children and rush to an establishment to partake of it, by all means, send it to me for review. But, as for now – in my post partum state, there is little more “stupid good” than the spice of this tuna roll!

Never tried sushi? Try this roll. You’ll be hooked.


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