This blog is dedicated to things, places, people, experiences, that are surprising and “stupid good”. Stupid good is a description of not just one thing, but the experience that goes along with partaking or interacting with that thing. I believe I heard the phrase for the first time when my brother and I were eating our annual slice of my grandmother’s famous pound cake two years ago. We looked at each other as we took the first bite. Our eyes crossed and began to roll into the back our our head due to sheer pleasure. Our tastebuds were screaming, “Thank you so much, I remember this!!!”  And, at that point, my brother said, “This is just stupid good.” In other words, your brain ceases to function momentarily. Your entire being is focused on the overwhelming sensation. You truly cannot think, or be coherent because the thing is sooo good.

Stupid Good is something so good that when you repeat the experience, your senses remember. When you experience the taste, or smell, or the rush, from something that is stupid good, your body responds and adrenaline courses through your veins.    

Now then, I will refrain from listing anything that is particularly mainstream because, well if you already know about it, it will be probably pretty boring to read my opinions on it.

What are the qualifications for something to be listed as Stupid Good?

It  must satisfy the senses in such a way that you feel momentarily stupid.

It must be certified as Stupid Good by myself or my brother.

Stupid Good items will be judged regionally. I won’t entertain any argument such as, “Our city has a cheesecake better than your city, because something that is Stupid Good in Chicago may not be Stupid Good to the lovely people in The ‘ham, better known as  Birmingham Alabama, where the blogger lives.

If you have suggestions of stupid good things, you may send them to me for review. Additionally, if I am planning travel out of the ‘ham, I will make a post and accept suggestions for things I should try while I am in your neighborhood. If they make my toes curl, you could be listed on the Stupid Good Blog!

Hope you enjoy becoming more stupider with me.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Bro Pat Says:

    what a stupid……..good idea! where do you find the time Sis? Did I tell you that I introduced the kids to sliding rock back in May?

  2. Stupid Bro Says:

    Have you received any replys or queries from anyone beside me

    • stupidgood Says:

      No, not yet. I haven’t really publicized it that much. Find us some more stupid good things. I’ll email you the password so you can log in and post too.

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